Every writer needs a team to publish.  

Structural Editors

A structural editor is the person who ensures that the story is congruent and makes sense to the reader. Structural editors ask the hard questions and delete the excess. 

Paul Brubaker was a producer for NBC's TODAY SHOW for ten years. After that, he produced multiple documentaries on people's spiritual responses to 9-11.  His contribution is invaluable to the readability of Reese Jula's book Souls Blossom in Winter.

Jenna Paulden is the structural editor of Masquerading Shadows and Spirals of Light. She is woman who in her own right had the emotional and spiritual capacity to mold the story of Julia McNeil's harrowing walk into psychological darkness, a decade after being raped. Jenna's personal healing journey is part of her brilliant talent developing a storyline worthy of all women who have struggled to escape the effects of sexual assult.

Editor and

Jenna Paulden is also the copyeditor of Masquerading Shadows and Spirals of Light


Grace Labatt Parazzoli is an editor and copyeditor working with independent authors and trade and academic presses. Previously she was a senior acquisitions editor at Voyageur Press and an acquisitions editor at Oxford University Press. She graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a BA in English Literature.  http://labatteditorial.com She was the editor for Souls Blossom in Winter.

Book Covers

No book is complete without a stunning book cover.

Jamie Jett of Jettwalker Inc. is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. She has been operating her company in Albuquerque, NM for over twenty years. Reese is grateful that she agreed to be the current designer of her second novel Masquerading Shadows.


Spirals of Light book cover was designed by Aimee Rousseau. She is a well-known watercolor painter and her graphic designs are used widely throughout the world.

Readers & Reviewers

Readers are the backbone of the team. They spend countless hours reading the raw version of the manuscript. Without this process, writers would never have honest assessments of what they have written. Feedback from readers is crucial in the editing process.

The list of readers and reviewers will grow as  Reese Jula publishes more books. Writing a book is a cocreation and takes community effort. Many thanks and gratitude to all of you.

  • Linda Laws

  • Nickki Lee Hill

  • Jeannie Lotz

  • Shannon Sanquist

  • Sandra Ingerman

  • Julia Daye

  • Naomi Fiske

  • Amanda Phannadeth