I am Darius. I am a Stellar Soul. I was born eons ago in the Milky Way Galaxy. I come from a linage of stellar felines who's task it is to protect all the Stellar Nations Soul families. I protect free will for all. After I completed my mission of reincarnating on earth as a human, I knew my next experience was to become a guide. After extensive training, I traveled to the center of the galaxy to witness new souls coming into form. I chose an effervescent soul who I named Jewels-the-Soul. She and I have been steady companions ever since. In this current lifetime Jewels expresses her self as Bridget Julia McNeil. I take it on as my divine duty to guide her through all of her incarnations. Including her last lifetime.


We are all interested in knowing about our roots.  What makes us unique within the vast universe? We are anchored into a celestial sphere called Earth. Gaia is an embodied sentient being who weaves together the story of the unfolding of our planet, and has been for eons. Through our relationship with her, we are symbiotically reliant upon each other in order to transcend the current paradigm. Our majestic Sun pulses love toward all of us, sparking radiant bursts of starlight that penetrate and energize the Earth's vibrational field. Together with Mother Earth, we have the power to elevate beyond the synthetic matrix and re-invent the future.