THE SERIES: Darius' Endless Cord


Jewels is a Soul on a mission. Darius is her guide. This lifetime will prove more challenging than either of them could have imagined.

AVAILABLE 6.1.2021
Spirals of Light - Book 3 in the Series


The roller coaster saga continues in SPIRALS OF LIGHT as Julia McNeil discovers a way to recover from her past and defy the immense odds stacked against her. Teetering on the brink of insanity, a marriage binding her to the mafia, a kidnapping, and two divorces have pushed Julia to the edge of her life.

Our heroine’s journey carries us forward as Julia faces her worst fears and celebrates her greatest triumphs.


Nothing will stop her soul’s guide, Darius, or his fervor to search for his one and only protégé. He has propelled himself forward with the anticipation of locating Jewels and restoring their common directive.

Perhaps, Julia will “redeem” herself and remember to follow the spiral of light. The luminosity that has always been there…leading the way home to her awakened Self.

Available 6.1.2021
Souls Blossom in Winter - Book 2

Masquerading Shadows - Book 2


Available 6.1.2021