The vision for the series, Darius’s Endless Cord, came streaming in during six weeks of daily meditations in Auroville, India. I have devoted my entire focus on writing this series. Three books have been written and more are bring planned.

I have been a healer most of my life. Beginning with massage therapy training in my teens. I design ceremonies to support conscious death transition and offer energetic karmic clearings for the restoration of the Soul. To find out more go to:

In the fall of 2003, I received clear guidance about creating a non-profit educational organization. The purpose was to empower youth (15-23) to be leaders for sustainability now. The program included a rigorous nine-week leadership and sustainability training followed by one month in India and Nepal. The organization completed its mission in 2013.

I'm a mother of two grown children and have five grandsons.

Currently, married I live in the high desert of New Mexico and own a healing restoration sanctuary.