Souls Blossom in Winter - Book 1


From day one, Bridget Julia McNeil has grown up quickly. As a child of the ’60s, girl of the ’70s, and teenager of the ’80s, she learns to navigate her own path, stumbling and regaining her balance along the way.


That path takes her from her childhood homes in Arizona and Colorado to Mexico, Hawaii, and, finally, on a great travel adventure in the Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, and India. Love and the search for enlightenment suffuse her travels.


What she does not realize is that her journey has a guide: from a place near the center of all creation, the spirit Darius watches over Bridget Julia, making sure she is always safe and on the right track in a mission she has no idea she is on.

Reese Jula gifts us with a beautifully written and engaging novel that takes us into a story of self-discovery and spiritual growth. The main character has the opportunity to travel to different lands, meet and interact with people of different cultures and religious beliefs. Reese even takes us into the mystery of the multidimensional nature of life. I found myself wanting more when I finished her book.

— Sandra Ingerman, MA author of "Soul Retrieval" and "Walking in Light"


Reese Jula is a gifted writer. The primary character, Julia McNeil, demonstrates that her life is a testimony to the commitment to choose love over fear, time and time again. Masquerading Shadows could only be written by one who understands the process of transforming challenges into triumphs and victimization into empowerment.

— Naomi Fiske, L.P.C. Certified Facilitator in Family Constellations

Souls Blossom in Winter - Book 2


Masquerading Shadows begins as the age of innocence evaporates and the dark night of the soul appears. At seventeen, Julia McNeil has already explored the world and experienced great love. All seems right in her universe. But the obstacles that await Julia will challenge her in ways she never could have anticipated.


Love. Spirituality. Motherhood. Loss. All will force Julia to confront her true self. And she must do so alone: Darius, the celestial guide who watches over her, loses track of Julia. They must wander alone in separate realms.

How will Julia manage to survive what’s about to happen?

You will dive deep into conscious shadow work.


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